Being one of the leading international mobility providers, SIXT is an employer with a highly diverse target group, ranging from Rental Sales Agents to Accountants to Tech Engineers. Therefore, it was always clear to us that a one-size-fits-all Employer Branding strategy would not meet our potential employees’ needs and interests and would fail to truly excite them to a degree to which we wanted to excite them. This was true as well for our University Marketing activities, including more than 80 events per year such as University Career Fairs, Guest Lectures and Career Events at our headquarter and branches.

We experienced that the conversion rate from potential employees to hire was significantly higher when we would invite the candidates to one of our locations, enabling them to get a real feeling of how their potential workplace would look.

Brainstorming about a way in which we could step up our University Marketing efforts, address different target groups with low additional costs and bring the “SIXT live” experience to the Universities, we came up with the idea of using Virtual Reality as the solution to all of these challenges.

Within four production days and with a crew of only four colleagues, we shot a total of five different Virtual Reality tours enabling applicants to discover our Munich based Headquarter, a SIXT branch and our Service Centers in Berlin and Rostock, all of them sharing the vivid impression of being physically “on the scene.” Our colleagues at the different locations were more than willing to join the production as actors, only playing themselves in the video.

Students and Young Professionals visiting us at career fairs now have the opportunity to get the real SIXT experience anywhere the fair takes place. By putting on the virtual reality glasses, the users can choose to take a look at their potential new workplace, enjoying the experience of walking around in the building and meeting their new potential colleagues. With just a click, we can change the visual experience, depending on the particular target group’s field of interest, be it working in the HQ as an HR Professional, in the area as a Rental Sales Agent or as an accountant in our Service Center in Rostock.

And it doesn’t stop there the 360° videos are used on our career homepage, receiving great feedback from our applicants. Having tracked the lead generation from career fairs where the VR glasses were in use, the results regarding the lead increase were significant. Especially on Tech-related career events, the VR glasses were a huge success.

To us, the relatively small investment of producing the VR material and purchasing several VR glasses has had a significant return on investment, making SIXT the center of attraction on many career fairs and bringing our “SIXTPERIENCE” to life.